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Editing service

The type of editing that your project receives will be based two considerations: (1) how heavily your project needs to be edited and (2) its level of English proficiency.

Copy editing:​ Copy editing can be considered basic editing. It involves fixing errors in  language mechanics - such as grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure - for manuscripts that written with relatively  good command of the English language. In addition, I will  improve the clarity and readability of your manuscript by addressing issues in logic, flow, and word choice. When copy editing, I pay special attention to scientific vocabulary to make sure terms are being used in the correct context.  

Substantive editing: Substantive editing is geared toward manuscripts that require heavier editing. For example, substantive editing will be needed if most sentences have to be rewritten to fill logic gaps or if the document needs major reorganization. Overall, substantive editing addresses significant writing and language problems that affect reading comprehension, including organizational issues. If your manuscript requires substantive editing, it will be done in addition to basic copy editing. 

I am available to edit many types of scientific projects. I will edit research manuscripts, book chapters, correspondences, review articles, proposals, responses to reviewers, and more. Just ask!   



Other ways I can help

In addition to editing, there are a number of things I can do to improve your project. I have listed some of these items below, but if there is another way I can be of assistance feel free to ask! 

Formatting:​ Is there a specific journal that you would like to submit your article to? I can format the article to a fit that journal's guidelines.

Word count reduction: If your article needs to be shortened, I can help reduce the word count without sacrificing important content.

Rewriting:​ I can rewrite sections of your manuscript for clarity and original voice.​

Other requests? Just ask! I'm happy to work with you to meet your project's individual needs.

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