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Perfecting Papers


Scientific Manuscript Editing Service
Celeste Brennecka, PhD

I help scientists, particularly non-native English-speaking scientists, communicate their work effectively. Clearly expressing ideas in writing is paramount to securing funding and publishing research. Only clear writing can properly convey one's intended message, and I can help scientists achieve that goal.

Because I have a background in science and strong editorial skills, my editing improves more than just writing mechanics. I make sure that scientific terms are used appropriately and consistently; I check that writing flows logically from one idea to the next; I identify logic gaps where more information is needed; I use an array of sources to ensure that you receive impeccable editing. In addition, I tailor my services to your project so that your work is given the specific attention it needs.  

Creating a crisp, clear product requires a team effort, where back-and-forth communication is essential. I strive to build strong relationships with my clients. When you work with me on a project, I become more than just an editor. I am a supporter and a sounding board for your scientific writing endeavors.

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